JSON API for BuddyPress

A small plugin for BuddyPress

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JSON API for BuddyPress is a plugin, that supports the JSON API Plugin with a new Controller to get information from BuddyPress.


Requirements are a working WordPress installation with BuddyPress installed. Furthermore the plugin JSON API needs to be installed and configured, please refer to its installation manual (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/json-api/installation/)

To install JSON API for BuddyPress follow the installation manual.

For future features refer to the Release Management Plan.


To install JSON API for BuddyPress just follow these steps:

  • upload the folder "json-api-for-buddypress" to your WordPress plugin folder (/wp-content/plugins)
  • activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress or by using the link provided by the plugin installer
  • activate the controller through the JSON API menu found in the WordPress admin center (Settings -> JSON API)


Every request method thats used by the JSON API can be used with this plugin. Please see JSON API usage guide for more information.

Methods coming along with this plugin are listed here.

Updates, Support and Contact

For updates just star this project. Furthermore some new updates or informations may be found on my Twitter-Account. As the author of this I plugin I do give you support, whilst it may njot be immediately sometimes. Just open an issue, tweet or mail me.

If you like this plugin and you wish to support me I'd be very grateful, if you would contemplate a small donation.